Our Sustainable and Innovative FITNESS BENCHES

the new trend in fitness and injury prevention for young and old!


Thanks to their functional design, they combine ideal comfort with versatility for training in cities, parks, schools, companies, and many other settings.

No special prior knowledge is required for training, so even those new to exercise can get started straight away. Training at our FITNESS BENCHES provides a "low-threshold", holistic health exercise program.

Our FITNESS BENCHES are accessible to anyone, of any age, no matter how active: everyone can improve their strength and mobility with FITNESS BENCHES.

Train – Relax – Meet

Discover Our FITNESS BENCHES - Our FITNESS BENCHES are versatile and sustainable! From exercise for young and old to individual, group or team training. We have the ideal FITNESS BENCH for you!

Possible Locations
Possible Locations - Our FITNESS BENCH can be easily integrated in cities, parks, companies and other areas. This provides wideranging access for free strengthening and exercise programs.

Scientifically Proven
Scientifically Proved - Based on a 2018 sports science study, we developed the FITNESS BENCH, a smart and functional training device for sustainable and accessible exercise in a variety of social settings.

Sustainable Production
Sustainable Production - Quality, sustainability, and durability; that's what MOVEUMENTS stands for. Our FITNESS BENCHES are manufactured in Germany, utilizing sustainably produced materials from low-C02 production processes.