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Our innovative FITNESS BENCH TEAM/SR is the ideal all-in-one training device. We developed theTEAM/SR version especially for team sports and senior sports.

Our FITNESS BENCH TEAM/SR is based on a scientific study from 2018 and many years of practice in team sports. Thanks to its functional design, the FITNESSBENCH TEAM/SR offers over 350 different exercise options.

The FITNESS BENCH TEAM/SR can be used as standard training equipment in team sports during the entire preparation round in competitive sports:

  • Muscle building
  • strength endurance
  • Speed training
  • Plyometric training
  • Jumping and reactive strength
  • Stability training
  • Sport-specific training for various sports
  • Training after injuries (physio area)
  • Training with and without sports equipment

The FITNESS BENCH TEAM/SR can be used by senior citizens for everyday exercise for:

  • Muscle building
  • Strength endurance
  • Mobility
  • mobilization
  • Strengthening all major muscle groups
  • Everyday skills
  • Fall prevention

A detailed advanced instruction board specially designed for senior citizens, which functions as a backrest, explains various exercises in the areas of mobilization and strengthening for all major muscle groups. Additional high-quality metal loops allow the attachment of fitness and therabands as well as the integration of other sports equipment for training.

The FITNESS BENCH TEAM/SR is also suitable for other target groups and performance levels.

The FITNESS BENCH TEAM/SR offers a variety of ways to work on your fitness and at the same time enough space to rest during or after a workout. The FITNESSBANK TEAM/SR immensely improves the quality of a fitness trail.

The FITNESS BENCH is secured against vandalism.

The instruction board includes an anti-graffiti coating.



QR code with mobile access to many more exercises

with short explanatory videos and regular additions

  •  Access to further exercises via QR code
  • Mobile scan with a smartphone
  • Imprint on backrest sign - protected against vandalism
  • Included as standard on all instruction boards