Sustainable Production

PlayParc GmbH is manufacturer and partner of Moveuments

Our sustainable FITNESS BENCHES are manufactured by PlayParc GmbH in Germany.

PlayParc has been active in the public sector since 1979 and has decades of expertise in the field of DIN conformity and the production of playground equipment for the public sector.

BSFH Seal of Approval for Sustainable and High-Quality Production

PLAYPARC has been awarded the BSFH seal of approval since 2019.

The BSFH seal of approval is an award from the Bundesverband der Spielplatzgeräte und Freizeitanlagen-Hersteller e.V., which is only awarded to selected companies in Germany.

High quality, the use of sustainable and German materials and safety are of paramount importance to our manufacturer. This has been confirmed by the BSFH seal of approval.

Manufacture of the FITNESS BENCH according to European Standards

Our FITNESS BENCHES are manufactured in accordance with European standards EN16630 and EN 1176. This is a reliable quality criterion for our FITNESS BENCHES.

Standard EN 16630 for Outdoor Fitness Equipment
The regulatory content of the standard relates to outdoor fitness equipment that is suitable for adults and young people aged 14 and over and who are at least 1.40 m tall.

Standard EN 1176 for Playground Equipment and Playground Surfaces
The regulation covers safety-related aspects for site-specific playground equipment for children. The regulation does not cover equipment for functional training.

The provisions of the standard vary from region to region. We refer to the version valid for Germany, EN 16630:2017.