Moveuments with FITNESS BENCH at the Reservoir Anniversary in Perf Village, Germany

The Perf reservoir in Biedenkopf-Breidenstein was officially opened in 1993 as a flood retention basin. Since then, the Perfstausee has also been a popular excursion destination for recreation seekers, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers in the hinterland.

As part of the reservoir festival on Sunday, many curious and interested visitors came to try out the FITNESS BENCH on site. The focus was on promoting exercise for young and old alike. The feedback from visitors was very positive. Many of the curious visitors spontaneously did a short workout on the spot to keep being active and in movement even on a Sunday.

Moritz Fuhrmann with Jens Womelsdorf, District Administrator of Marburg-Biedenkopf at the Perfstausee in Biedenkopf-Breidenstein.